"Avatar" ... Goddes of movies personification

I Must say I've seen a masterpiece again by James Cameron. "Avatar" was a brilliant well-shaped, fascinating movie which was almost the best of its own genre up until now in my opinion. The idea was far beyond what I could imagine and nothing was predictable in a sense which can make a viewer relax and enjoy only the 3D experience. I felt my heart beating in a few scenes and it was making me shocked to see my heart actually out of my own control.
Using some non-star actors and actresses (almost) and creating this new era in the 3D cinema was a work of artist called "James Cameron" Only & Only.

I searched for the meaning of "AVATAR" and I found it's coming from "Hindu Mythology" ... something like the reincarnation of God, some manifest or personification of the powerful. The whole idea of movie was making every viewer to think as much as every person is capabale of thinking.
There are many movies which are deep and thinkable, but not every movie can make every machined mankind think. In every hall I've ever been where there was a great movie screening , there were some audiences who leave. Some audiences who yawn. It's great to create deep movies for special audiences and let the rest go for their surface lives. However once in a while there is a need to create something a bit more difficult. Something which can force every one of us man kinds and 21st century humans of popcorn & coca & facebook think a little more about our obsolete existence; to think a little wider than home, money and family.

It was a few years I didn't enjoy any masterpiece. Many may not agree with my opinion; but believe me I can feel people when they pass upon me getting out of the cinema corridors at 4 am. I can sense their inner character which has been shaked and this does not happen easily or by chance.

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  1. I've yet to see the movie. Anyway, here's wishing you and your family a great 2010!


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