Iran in Comparisons

I made a vast search about many different categories ranking of countries around the world.
The data is totally collected from valid & scientific websites of different organizations.
After all Iran stands somewhere in the middle of the world by its performance in all categories here, at the ranking of 81 !!!

It's Interesting to see how other countries are doing, you can surf by yourself & find out:

Environmental Performance: 1st Switzerland

Iran 67

International tourist arrivals:1st France

Iran 117

World Health Organization's ranking: 1st France

Iran 93

PPP (Purchase Power Per ca pita): 1st Luxembourg

Iran 59

Olympic Performance(Sport): 1st China

Iran 50

Literacy : 1st Cuba

Iran 113

Population Happiness : 1st Switzerland

Iran 95

Greenest Countries (Greenery per ca pita ) : 1st Finland

Iran 83

Democracy: 1st Finland

Iran 138

Publications: 1st USA

Iran 38

Internet users: 1st China

Iran 17

Life expectancy: 1st Macao

Iran 132

Cigarette consumption (Per ca pita): 1st Greece

Iran 67

Poverty: 1st Chad & ...

Iran 103

Corruption: 1st Finland


Death Rate: 1st Swaziland

Iran 152

Iran Average Rank:



* Wikipedia

* The World Factbook

* World Health Organization

* World Country Rankings

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  1. Very interesting research you've done. I wonder about the Internet users and publications.
    Also poverty and corruption ranks are interesting.


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