A Trip to Cameron Highlands

Malaysia has many different categories of attractions. One of them are highlands which are really joyful for visiting while you are spending time in a tropical all year round- summer country.

Cameron Highland is located almost hours driving from Kuala Lumpur toward north of KL. Its a great place for those who love to visit different plantations and farms like: strawberries, flowers & tea farms. There are lots of different type of places to stay around, ranges from expensive hotels to very cheap and budget houses and villas & apartments.
We spent about 24 hours around and I believe it was enough for this time. The temperature was around 17-18 degree daytime, and 10-12 degree at night time which was a bit cold and I liked after living more than two years in the humid always hot "KL". Here are some pictures of our 24 hours trip to Cameron Highlands:

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  1. cool photos ... happy new year peter pan


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