Glamorous Fashion Photography: A Film for Provocateur Boudoir Promo

Fashion & Wedding photography is my favorite area of photgraphy and film making, said Jon Armendariz.
He added: Catherine and Alistair approached me to create a promotional film of a few of their boudoir photo sessions. My goal for this piece was to capture the glamour, sensuality and fun behind Catherine and Alistair's boudoir shoots. I decided to give this piece a more saturated and vibrant set of colors to convey the sense of 'fun' and 'happiness' rather than a more staid and constricted route.
Jon Armendariz

Provocateur Boudoir Promo // NY Boudoir // by NewYorkFilmworks from Jon Armendariz |NewYorkFilmworks on Vimeo.

Anastasia Davydova & Anastasiya Yermakova: Russian Synchronized Swimming (Duet)

Anastasia Semyonovna Davydova is Russian competitor in synchronized swimming and four-time Olympic champion. She's hoping to win this 2012 Olympic in London as well. She has also won 12 World Championships and Gold Medals. 
Her partner is Anastasiya Nikolayevna Yermakova who's also a great synch.swimmer. She has also won 8 Gold Medals in different world championships. She's from Moscow and they're both born in 1983. 
They hope to achieve another Gold Medal in this London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. 


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