Inglourious Basterds ... Great as Expected!

Tonight I found out the movie is on the show here in Malaysia. No waiting & I bought two tickets online & made it for 11:30 pm to the cinema.
In my opinion it was Quentin Tarantino's best movie after Pulp Fiction. I liked it more than Kill Bill, However am sure many will not agree.
As for always there a few scenes of blood and deep violence which made my wife not to look at it! So, ladies must be prepared!

Brad Pitt made a good appearance although it wasn't one of his movies that much and he didn't have that much of opportunity to be "the star".

I rated it 8/10 in my IMDB account!
A must see for all Tarantino's lovers , Suggested for all movie lovers and good to see for those who seek a bit of differentiation in films.


  1. you're right, not everyone is a tarantino's fan...i find his films very violent.

    hey, i am a woman, that's why?!


  2. Though many women I've seen like his movies ! Specially many of them are the fans of Kill Bill ... what about that?

  3. I absolutely loved it. Weird but wonderful movie, in many ways. Christoph Waltz, the german officer, is an absolutely incredibly good actor!!!!! He was glorious! I am lucky enough to speak all the languages spoken in that movie, so I could appreciate it even more.
    So, you lived in Cyprus as well! I lived there from July 2007 till February 2008, in Larnaka, working in IT. Where were you, and when?

  4. I was there from 2001 to 2005 ... Mostly in Nicosia !

  5. I am going to wait for the DVD to be released. It's one of the movies I wish to watch this season.

  6. Sounds like a good movie. Will have to go watch it or get a DVD, Thanks for the recommendation.


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