A Story to Think Again

A Short Story Like This:

In a train , a young couple were in the same cabin with an old man & his son who was about 30 years old.
After a while the son looked out & told his old father: Dad! Dad! Look out! As we are moving in the train, everything out side is moving too! The trees , the clouds, the roads ... wow! It's Fascinating!

The couple looked at him with shock!

A few minutes later, the son opened the window of cabin & took his hand out. It was raining! He said: Look Dad! Now its raining! It feels so wonderful when you take your hand out here!

The couple were feeling so pity about this guy who was acting like a 5 years old child. They told the old man: Why don't you take your son to a psychologist or a physician anyway?

The old man said: We are just coming back from visiting a physician! My son can see now after 30 years of his life! he had a surgery on his eyes!


  1. Great story. It just goes to show that everyone's experiences in life are different and that we shouldn't be too quick to judge. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful story, and what a great ending. You have a great blog too!


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