McDonald Varies !

Within the past two years am living in Malaysia, I have noticed that McDonald is really different in every country. Although here in Malaysia its O.K but I remember Cyprus McDonald was much better in quality & more expensive of course.

McDonald have a system of localizing at least one food in every country in its menu. Here in Malaysia they call it "Ayam Goreng" & its really something out of McDonald Specialty because its not a burger, its chicken piece & its more like KFC stuff, anyway people buy it a lot here.
By the time I was in Cyprus, they had something called Greek Big Mac & it was Big Mac wrapped in pita bread!
I checked some other countries McDonald webiste & I found out every ever is having something special. Like in Turkey they had something strange in menu: Kofteh Burger! Kofteh was a totally different food from Turkey, How it may come in Burger??? How does it taste? I don't know?

In Japan , they had something like schenitzel chicken piece. I checked China, Argentina, Greece & ... It's interesting to see how different people of the world are being treated by McDOnald.


  1. This is interesting.
    I don't eat meat - so I don't visit McDonald's but I'll find out what's special when I get back home.

  2. Wow, a very interesting post. Makes me think.. Yes, I agree with that, as McDonalds here in the Philippines also "customize" their menu based on the native taste buds of majority of the consumers.^^

  3. what do they offer there as special local food?

  4. Interesting observation there, Peter Pan. Over here, chicken is a popular food so it's little wonder that chicken is incorporated in the Malaysian menu. I think chicken porridge is also a unique item here. Have you tried it yet?


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