A Bus Story

The above picture has been taken in streets of Tehran-Iran by a friend.
On the back of the bus is written two very different (almost opposite) scenarios :

1. The Upper side is explaining about how city bus drivers should be careful and cautious while driving in the city with the purpose of improving driving culture

2. The Lower part which is the main part is describing & advertising for a "Rally" between two cities almost 1000 KMs far from each other. This Rally is between "City Buses" !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi, you've got it wrong! a Rally isn't a race. a Rally (especially city Rallies) is about navigation, choosing right path and even driving at a certain speed. a race is to drive bloody quick and fast!
    Emad from Tehran

  2. But anyway dear Emad! ain't these buses supposed to stay in city & driving in roads r not encouraged?!


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