An Italian Woman Gives Birth to Six Babies!!!! یک زن جوان ایتالیایی شش قلو به دنیا آورد

ROME (Reuters) - A 30-year-old Italian woman gave birth to four baby girls and two boys on Sunday, the largest multiple birth in Italy since 2003.

The mother and babies all are in good health following the caesarean birth in the southern city of Benevento, near Naples, Italian news agencies reported.

However, the children were born after just 29 weeks of pregnancy and weigh between 610 and 800 grams (1 lb, 5 oz to 1 lb, 12 oz). All are on assisted breathing apparatus.

Doctors said the multiple birth probably was due to fertility treatment taken by the woman, and not due to in vitro fertilization.

Italian law prohibits more than three embryos to be transferred into the womb.
(Reporting by Gavin Jones; Editing by Michael Roddy)

یک زن جوان ایتالیایی اهل حوالی ناپل دیروز شش قلو زایمان کرد

این پس از هفت سال یکی از بزرگترین زایمان های ایتالیا بوده است. این بچه ها در هفته 29 بارداری به دنیا آمدند و

همگی بین 610 تا 800 گرم وزن داشتند

دلیل تعداد زیاد آنها , از نظر پزشکان استفاده بیش از حد مادر از روشهای درمان ناباروری بوده است

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