"Titanic" is Openning Space for "Avatar"

Yesterday , Avatar Received two "Golden Globe" awards which it perfectly deserved.
Surprisingly I went to check that how is the Avatar BOX OFFICE doing until today & it amazed me:
This is until last weekend.
I checked the Record of what "Titanic" was about in BOX OFFICE terms in 1997 & found out that it was even lower within this time and some other facts were involved to get to the conclusion that "Avatar" will break the box office record of all time:
1. Avatar is still selling fantastic in Cinemas (even in US , Canada , Australia , Malaysia ... countries that it has started its sale more than 1 month , halls are still packed every night)
2. Avatar is mostly about 3d experience and audiences will go to cinema instead of watching it later at home
3. Avatar has sold more until now , comparing to what titanic have sold in the same period

considering late shows which began in January for china, Georgia, Italy, Argentina, Pakistan & ... simply this will break the ice of Titanic soon in 2-3 weeks.

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