It's good to lose sometimes!

How many times have you faced a person who can not bear losing a game or such? Games are developed for entertainment from chess & backgammon, to video games and even sports. They are all some sort of mankind creation to develop some sort of skills in an individual while having fun & spending time without stress & pressure. Although some of their concepts have been changed through time like most of the sports like: Football, Basketball & ... They have been professionalized and became some sort of career for those who play them, still most of them are considered as fun.

But have you ever confront with a person that can not bear losing a game? Some people only must win, otherwise they become mad & act like a fool, very angry. Playing cards & at the end shouting and throwing the cards! Playing computer games & at the end shutting down the final moments of the game!!! I wonder how some people have not developed this simple trait in their character, to see others can win too!

In my opinion its usually driving from family & how these people have been treated from childhood. Parents usually want to be proud of their kids & try to keep them always happy!
They have not tried to show their children, that it's always possible to lose as well, that losing is part of life and maybe the first steps to learn more. That's how always these children must win to stay happy; Otherwise they don't know how to respond to the society.

what do you think?
what may be the source of this actions & behavior?


  1. I hate to lose - so I avoid competing.

  2. I do agree with you! Some parents have very high expectations from their children to the point that the kids are too much pressured to win every game or to ace every test.

    Parents must teach their children that it is OK to lose, that losing is normal and is a part of life.

  3. In a fair competition, the winner deserves wining and loser deserves thinking.
    Each winner surely was a loser for times, before could be a winner.
    I really enjoy your daily notes, it is fluent, pure, honest also intelligent and brilliant.

  4. So true, people need to realise that we win some, we lose some and that both are a part of life and growth.

    Btw, congrats on your winnings at Gentings.

  5. Tnx to Anonymous ... I really would like to know ur Identity ;)


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