Google Search Stuff ! Interesting , let's share!

We all search Google for something , sometimes!!!
what we search is being recorded & then it will be counted up & ...
I don't want to talk about how it works. I wanna talk about the interesting offers that sometimes Google search engine offers and some of them are really funny or at least interesting to notice ... I got some of the samples by a software which captures the screen image & put them here for sharing with you. Let's have a look at the pictures and see what we get :
1. the first image is searching "How to " & then it tells me the most famous one is "How to make love"!!!! Really? Does this means people don't know how to make love & then searched it over the net or does this means some people made titles out of it a lot?
& then "How to get pregnant"!!! Perhaps the same people who didn't know how to make love , now wanted to know how to be pregnant as well !? or even "How to Kiss?" what can I say?

2.The second one was "What is" !!!
it was not so freaky as the previous one, though some of them are so stupid like "what is internet?" or "what is computer?" Please!

3. This one was like people are having a counseling session.
They are asking about "Should I quit my job / break up/ change job/ or even break up with BF?"
there is also about confessions in church !!!!!!!!!

4. "Who is" ... some of them are natural ... but "who is God" "Who is Jesus" ... great! :)

5. and then for me it was good to search a name which I don't know like "Ahmadinejad"!!!
& then there was his wife & his house & again about he being Jewish & all stuff! :))

6. Then I said let's see this person which I don't know , what has done! so it goes like "Did Ahmadinejad..." and here it goes: the holocaust/ really win/ cheat/ call for destruction of Israel
it's amazing! :)

7. these coming two can reveal some secret about how girls & boys usually search over internet!!! Funny! "Does he"
Does He love me/ like me/ like you/ love you/ have a crush on me?

then the number it offers about does he like me is about 273,000,000

8. & Now "Does She" ... the same stuff like the previous one
but then the number of
Does she like me is 130,000,000
It seems it's much less important for men over the internet to find if she really likes them !!!

9. Then it comes to my country:Iran !
"Is Iran"
oh my god ... some people don't know anything !
"in Asia/a democracy/ Arab country/ middle east/ safe/ ... ohhh! let me cry!

10. The Final one is funny still... searched for "is it ok"
someone wants to wear block for wedding & he comes to internet to solve his dilemma!

another person wants to run everyday! :))
let internet tell him what to do!

oh , another person wants to wear white this time for the wedding! oh my god!

am really laughing when I'm typing these stuff now!
By the way, the search criteria and results vary in different locations and different computers perhaps. see what else you can find & share it here !
it maybe a really interesting subject for a research!


  1. Number 2 is valid really. I can imagine schoolchildren doing research on the Internet and they would be asking these same questions.

    Hey, it is cyberspace so everything goes. No?

    Interesting post..

  2. haha..good one!!had a great good morning laugh:D
    all the best with your blog..i see you just started...and started so beautifully ...:))


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